Playwright Ms. Andrea giving back to the community

Andrea believes in giving back and paying it forward. She may be out and about and bless someone with a meal. She has fed the homeless and cooked for a few shelters. She has a passion for the youth so she put forth an extra effort to talk to and mentor them, young ladies in particular. She gives from the heart not to be seen or recognized. She has provided services to many ministries and families all over Georgia.

She has quite a few charities that she likes to support because they are so close to her. She has several family members that have suffered and died from issues related to Diabetes. She also has seen a cycle of breast cancer come to the women of her family. It is organizations like United Way that help low income families and the homeless that give people hope so if you would like to help support some of the charities that playwright Ms. Andrea support feel free to do so. Listed below are the charities and numbers to get more info on how you can donate. If you would like to donate to Ms. Andrea directly hit the button below. We pray for and speak increase on all donations given that it may be given back to you with unlimited measure. Thank you!~

1.United Way Atlanta (404) 527-7200

2. American Heart Association 1-800-242-8721

3. American Cancer Society 1-800-227-2345

4. Willing Workers of DOF (404) 373-8910






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