It Is What It Is Radio Show It Is What It Is Radio Show Comedian Marsha Warfield This show was so amazing! Motown Recording Gospel Artist Trinity Dawson shared a song off his hot new album and kept us inspired with his story of how he was discovered and made the choice to sign with Motown. 200783747 Evangelist Jekayln Carr Inspired the listeners and really motivated us all to enjoy life in Christ and reach for the stars! She also shared with us her excitement for the success of her 1st live recording that took place in Memphis, TN. 200783748 Love & Hip Celebrity Ms. Khadiyah Lewis It was an honor to have Ms. Khadiyah (KD) Lewis in the studio and co hosting the "It Is What It Is" radio show with her girl Ms. Andrea. This was another awesome show with 2 great host. Keep listening Ms. KD will definitely be taking over the show again in 2016. 200783749 Motown Gospel Artist Royce Lovett We were definitely jamming to his hit single "Write it on the wall." He is truly a gifted artist with a great CD that brings you a variety of sounds, from acoustics to a powerful bass that moves you. 200783750 Mr. Gerald Rose & Chance the Artist This was another phenomenal show! These guys were amazing! Gerald Rose is a Civil Rights Activist fighting for the rights of the people who right have been violated. He is also an advocate for bridging the gap and restoring the community and youth outreach. Chance the Artist is truly an artist with a hit single entitled "Don't stop" that song will motivate and inspire you. It will also have you on your feet. He is definitely that artist to be looking out for and cope his single. Its a hit! 200783751 Sean & Shakira Walker This power couple was a blast to have on the show. They were part of the product of the day segment and introduced the product "Legal Shield." This product will help you with credit issues, wills and all other legal matters. They definitely are a couple one the move to empower people and help the get the legal assistance they need that they may have not known was available. 200783752 Fitness Trainer Mrs. Veda McNeal- Wright Wright-One Fitness is definitely a trainer that caters to all levels of fitness. She came on the show and made it known that you don't have to have the perfect body to have a healthy body. This show was full of energy and information and great songs. She will work with your budget but all you have to do is have the right mind, because when you "Get your mind WRIGHT you keep your body TIGHT." Get it! 200783753 200783754 Happy New Year!!! Ms. Andrea had a great 2015 with guest such as Comedian D.C youngfly, Bishop Bullwinkle, Comedian Spike Davis and a host of many others. We anticipate 2016 to be another great year the "It is what it is" radio show. Be sure to listen for your chance to be a part of something great that's happening in 2016 on 1570 WIGO "Atlanta's Incredible Radio." 200783755 On-Air Personality Ms. Andrea Ms. Andrea is a beautiful intelligent young lady that has taken the air waves by storm. The minute you tune in you will be captivated by her soft and lovable voice and her welcoming catch phrase "It's the weekend my friends!" She has a laugh that is contagious and a sense of humor that will keep you entertained. She has a love for people and always makes sure her supporters know that they are appreciated. Be sure to listen and stay informed for she will be having a meet and greet in a city near you. 200783756 Mrs.Keke Wyatt This was an amazing show as always and of course Ms. Andrea kept the interview short, sweet and informative. The beautiful Mrs. Keke Wyatt definitely did not hold back and gave us all the tea, from working in the industry so young and maintain longevity to what inspired her to create her own label as well as the release of her album "Rated Love" 202159184 Mrs. Bo Talley The beautiful and fit Mrs. Bo Talley had so much to say to inspire the listeners on getting fit, staying fit and how to keep it sexy past 40. She is an health fitness expert, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and more. She blessed Ms. Andrea and the "It is what it is" radio show listeners tremendously. 202159185 Mr. Canton Jones Mr. "There's no other name that's higher than yours Lord" himself. He is the CEO of CAJO records, a Pastor, a husband, father and walking inspiration to this now generation. He has an unorthodox way of worship but is truly in tune with the spirit and loves the lord. He draws those closer to Christ and give those with a gift that some would turn away a chance to share their gift with the world. He is a lil comedian too because he definitely blessed Ms. Andrea and her listeners with a lil humor. 202159186